sigil (ˈsijəl) noun. an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.

Functional Designs with Artistic Sensibility

My name's Matthew Lovett, Founder and Design Director, and I'd like to welcome you to Crimson Sigil Media. We specialize in web design and digital illustration, but that's just the start of what we do. With our ever-expanding list of services, we aim to cater to anyone looking to have a presence on the web or in need of professional branding.

Crimson Sigil began with the idea that graphic and web design should be about more than mere functionality. What our team brings to the table is the passion to design something with true personality and style. Whether it’s a logo for a new business or a character design you’ve been itching to bring to life, our goal is to deliver professional design service while creating a truly special work of art in the process.


We Think Design Should be About People First

If what you do doesn't inspire you completely, you're in the wrong line of work. We take time to cultivate an atmosphere that's passionate and fun. We want hard workers who love what they do, so our clients get the highest possible quality.

You can collect all the talent you want into one room but if it doesn't gel, you're not building a team, you're just filling jobs. Crimson Sigil is constantly striving to build our team and make it better, because our goal at the end of the day is happy clients. We go the extra mile to incorporate our clients in the design process and make them a part of the team effort in building their design. This has always been our business model. We give opportunities for collaboration and joint projects as much as possible - for us community means more than a paycheck, and you'll see it in the way we design.

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The Perfect Mix of UX Design and Artistry

Tired of seeing the same old designs everywhere? So are we! We firmly believe that usability can only take a website, application, or piece of art so far. In order to truly stand out and provide a complete user experience, artistic principles need to be utilized and fully integrated. Developers who know how to put a solid layout together are a dime a dozen, but true creativity not something we see everyday, and it's the secret ingredient to any unique design.

Pioneering User-Focused Services

We've been in the industry long enough to see how giant corporations take advantage of clients and other businesses alike. There are certainly no shortage of horror stories out there. We want to change the paradigm! Our services and products are wholly user-centered, honed to deliver maximum quality without breaking your bank account or making you wait an eternity. We cater to businesses both big and small, and can provide a vast array of services, from tiny plugin tweaks to full monthly website support, to an entire branding campaign. For us, it's all about the client and how we can make their vision a reality.

 Check out some of our work here!

Check out some of our work here!