SEO and Branding

Identity is one of the most crucial aspects to any business, as positive recognition is what gathers a customer base and is what ultimately builds a bridge between the product and the consumer. It stands to reason then that Search Engine Optimization and Corporate Branding are a worthwhile investment. 

Crimson Sigil offers an array of packages that meet a wide variety of needs, from simple social media marketing, to an all-out campaign that includes logo design/upgrading, SEO for your website, Google Adwords (and/or similar services), and an overhaul of your company's entire marketing scheme, all at competitive rates.

Google Vs. Other Search Engines

This information is based on a 2015 comScore study

The days when SEO and Google could be ignored are LONG GONE

Google controls 64% of the Search Engine market share. Is your site optimized for Google web crawlers? If not, you could be losing money. SEO is today's driving force for businesses worldwide. Even for "Mom & Pop" shops and the Work from Home crowd simply cannot afford to ignore its power and influence. If you want to sell your product or service, you need to know how to effectively generate search engine traffic.

Why is my rank on Google so low?

Want to know what your competitors are doing differently from you? Analyze your website to find out. We'll send you a free SEO report so you can take the proper steps to start getting on the right track!



We offer a variety of packages perfect for jump-starting your business.


Basic Social Media Package - $79.99

Dive into the world of social media integration! We will create up to 3 social media accounts for your business, tie them into your website, and personally teach you how to take the reigns and start using what we build you to get your name out there.

Standard SEO Package - $299

Complete social media integration, Google Adwords account setup or overhaul, a fine-tuning of your company website (metadata, tags, keywords, and social media links, etc.), and 1 hour of complimentary consultation.

Deluxe SEO Package - $499

Everything that's included with the Standard SEO Package above, plus a complete restructuring or overhaul of your entire website, including logo redesign, engaging content,  and unique copy-writing for every page tailored to boost your SEO rankings. Includes 2 hours of complimentary consultation.

Send the Right Message

A properly structured brand identity provides optimal cash flow and return on investment. Crimson Sigil Media will craft your brand harmoniously so it effectively communicates what you want it to. Your customers will start flocking, because a coherent brand message is what separates a booming business from a busted one. If you want to edge out your competitors, you need to reinforce your identity with a consistent, concise message.

Powerful branding beats out weak logos and designs every time. We'll make sure your business reaches the right people exactly the way you intend, backed by stunning graphics and premium content. Don't let potential money returns slip through your fingers: create an identity that honors your business model today.